Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Connie's Column is now Mailorder Diva's blog

Hi to Everyone--I've decided to change the "column" to a blog, since that seems to be the way everyone's communicating these days. I've been following many stitcher's blogs and loving it. I can see what they're stitching, cooking reading, etc. It's like a friend you can drop in on anytime! For me any new technology makes me feel like I'm jumping off a cliff without a bungee cord,(No, I haven't actually done that) but Molly's patiently helping me so here it is-- my first blog entry!
Why the name? For those who don't know it, I'm the one responsible for getting out the Mail Orders here at the Strawberry Sampler. The good news-- our internet sales have been steadily increasing. The bad news -- this job seriously cuts into my stitching time! I won't have any finishes to show for a while -- I have a terminal case of "Startitis"
Why you haven't heard from me in so long --Vacations and family obligations. I now have 2 Granddaughters, Fiona 19mos. and Connie 3mos. I spend as much time as I can with them in Western MA. They were also with us for a week at the Jersey Shore this Summer! I will add pictures to this blog at some point, but I'm not sure how yet.
Charlie and I are helping his parents condense 61 yrs accumulation of stuff in their home in order to move to an assisted living facility --they've both had serious health issues this year. Several of us in the shop have had similar experiences lately and this is an emotionally and physically exhausting job! Those of you have family members of "The Greatest Generation" know that THEY NEVER THREW ANYTHING OUT! Part of this job involves cleaning out and organizing MY basement so some of THEIR stuff can be stored there for my children "When they have bigger houses" This is why when I sit down at night I'm too worn out to even look at a chart!
What I have bought recently --1. All the new just Nan Charm Garden Pins and the Charm Garden pinkeep graph. I didn't realize until everyone here had bought them how adorable they were so I missed out on the Hedgehog pin. They are LIMITED. Mary Anne has granted me visiting rights to her hedgehog! The pins can also be put into the Floral Fifteen biscornu. 2. All the Sue Hillis Santa's - this is what my life is like - I get one thing for a customer and then have to get it and everything in the series for me - and fabric for it !
Thanks for sticking with me as I rant!


  1. Wahoo!! Connie's blogging! I am so excited.

  2. Beautiful pins. The ladybug is my favorite!